B. Dwayne Hardin Bio

B. Dwayne Hardin is a Public Speaker, Author, and Musician. He’s the founder and lead pastor of The Embassy Church and The Millennium Masters Inc, a global organization designed to effectively co-join the workings of the secular and sacred.

After earning his Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing and Management, he continued other intensive studies in Philosophy, Psychology and Theology. He’s also received many educational honors, including an Honorary Doctorate Degree D. Div, and most recently the Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award given by President Barack Obama.

As an Apostolic leader he hosts Conferences, Summits and Conclaves to leaders worldwide. Globally he’s a respected speaker, leadership seminarian and lecturer. He’s a frequent guest on radio and television of major local and international networks, including executive producing of the seasonal show Relevant Living with B. Dwayne Hardin.

He’s presently completing the authorship of the much anticipated writing Bulls-Eye, a book that will challenge conventional thinking and empower greater living from the condemnation of sin. Simultaneously he’s completing writings on the grace of Holy Spirit and His activity in our lives. Previous writings include the self-marketed workbook and book entitled Spiritual Living.

Don't allow yourself to be tricked into being average. That's not who you are and it doesn't fit you well.

B. Dwayne Hardin