Prophetic Word: Educational Systems Part 2

Educational Systems Part 2


B. Dwayne Hardin

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Many of those who are training your children are doing so with intention.  They intend to change the world to their idolatrous ideologies, pushing them into lives of confusion and mental imbalance.  The teachings being forced upon your children, My inheritance, is of an evil construct.  Kids will seek to kill because their conscience towards the honor of life is seared.  Remove the commands as the result is the removal of the conscience, and I will remove the systems and their propagators through you.    

I Am NOT pleased with the sexual, transsexual, homosexual mental and emotional molestation and raping of your children in the schools.  The opportunity for them to make mature decisions, wise choices, and even errors of folly are being stripped from them, and mind-programming has taken over.  The school was to teach and protect the student while supporting the parent, but Babylon has full operation of its agenda in effect.  The technology you enjoy is your child’s new parents – training them, preparing them, and developing them continually in the ways of Babylon.  

Why don’t you speak?  Why are your voices silent?  Is it because you don’t know My heart?  Answer Me!  Why have you relegated your anointing to church only?  Your personal agendas are destructive to these children’s lives.  Yet, I have a remnant who will speak for those who can’t speak for themselves.

More to come….

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