Prophetic Word: Educational Systems

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B. Dwayne Hardin

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School structures are about to crumble because I have ordained it. But, My prophet will be a voice of reconstruction. I will be replacing teachers, administrators, board members, and superintendents throughout 2018 and 2019, and you must not allow the void to be filled simply because you were waiting on the next church engagement to get an honorarium. You must be free of “pulpit-lust” and get in the marketplace. These systems need your voice! The generations need your voice!  

The educational systems have embraced the fornication and perversion of Babylon into its structure and it is directly affecting the safety of your children.  They are subjected to all kinds of foul movement that has infiltrated society.  I am judging justly the influx of corrupt educational curriculums that influence your youth to desire the undesirable, accept the unacceptable, and live lives of perpetual generational curses.   

Brace yourselves, for there will be shootings and attacks on our children at their school campuses [also per prophetic conversation with Prophet Joseph Foster].  These will be tragic, but what will be devastating is the sodomy that will transpire and be hidden to protect agendas and political stratagems. But, My prophets will speak and reveal the hidden things and bring justice to failing educational systems.  

Don’t you, by any means, declare that it is Me doing these things!  It is the corruption that has set in, and I’m shifting things in the opposite direction, beginning this year.  I will move, replace, and place faculty and staff who will operate without destructive agendas designed to the likings of the gods of this age.  

More to come….

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  1. Jacqueline Quillens says:

    I see it also in Youth Detention Center. There’s people who doesn’t want the church going inside. They’re forever changing rules too keep us out, or make us quit. I’ve tried too get the church to go inside. But for some reason no one wants to serve these youth, or outside the church walls. The number of children inside has declined, from 178 to 76. Holy Spirit is moving!
    Thank you Prophet Hardin

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