Prophetic Word: Reconciliation

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B. Dwayne Hardin

The attempts at reconciliation in the past have been noble, sincere, and with good intention. Now, however, you will not miss the mark because I’m closing some gaps that produced separation after attempted reconciliation.

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You must not cover up truth of heart, feelings, and injustices any longer. You MUST come to the table with the intention to leave with resolve…no matter how many times you have to get to the table. Determine resolve…you give up too easily!

Why should your political persuasions, color preferences, and doctrinal voices stop you from loving one another? You act like the Pharisees and Sadducees, both of whom preferred religious perspective fueled by legalistic dogma over Kingdom actualization.

Don’t you remember Me telling you that they will know that you’re mine because you have love for one to another? Yet, you use My name, exercise My grace, and declare My power in Word, filled with hatred, lethargy, and backroom evil towards one another. Then, you publicly declare that you love each other.

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You won’t sit down and figure things out. You don’t respect each other’s differences, being fearful that you’ll lose the superior edge. You downplay that which matters and scream that which matters least, if at all. You say that you’re colorblind, but you are color preferential. Your iniquities are invisible to you and you don’t see your unrighteousness.

The principle of “come, let’s reason together” isn’t simply applicable to you and Me, but to you and each other. 

You want change, then CHANGE! 

Those of you who say you are My church…act like it!

More to come….

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