Prophetic Word: The Call

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The Call

B. Dwayne Hardin

This year I’m calling the church, My body from all people groups of Christianity, to being the “called out ones” who believe in My word without denomination, political orientation, or religious opinion. My church will begin to move in Righteousness and Justice without being media swayed and doctrinally controlled.

My church will know how to be in this world system, but not of it. It will move in power (both force and authority) that not only translates to “church miracles,” but power in economic strength, political access, global influence, and international might.

There will be a return to My house, and to My people, an anointing full of character and grace. It will begin to separate wheat from tare and the fruit from the weed. The sowing of seed will change and produce a harvest that will draw the outside in and the inside closer. 

Look for miracles, signs, and wonders that will reveal My grace, My people, and My hand. This will not look like the days of old, as you’ve requested, because I’ve never stopped moving, even in this period where I’ve appeared docile and aloof. These are the days of no more delay of what I’ve spoken; not your paid sell-out prophets who say what I have not said, declare what excites you, and decree what they have no authority to decree.

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Just as your technical devices seem to run slowly when updating, it’s been the same with you. I am updating you, but also upgrading your software. This year, you will be able to move past your software loaded with the virus of traditions, manipulation, greed and dogma to a place empty of virus, but you must stay before Me in all facets of your life. 

I am the God who moves for you in Spirit, body, and soul.

More to come….

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