The Disguised Prophet

B. Dwayne Hardin bdwaynehardindisguisedprophets 853x480 - The Disguised Prophet

The Disguised Prophet

B. Dwayne Hardin

B. Dwayne Hardin bdwaynehardindisguisedprophets 1024x576 - The Disguised Prophet

In this hour, I call forth the disguised prophets and prophetic voices. You only likened My prophets to pulpit ministry and preachers of the script. Yet, I reveal to you in these days the voices I have developed outside of your walls of tradition and religious academia. You’ve limited Me, but I remove your shackles off of Me in this hour.

Know that I have multitudes that are being infiltrated into governmental, educational, financial, media, technology, business, arts and entertainment. They will understand the sciences wherein I will send them, and they will speak to the recovery of the generations to come. My voice will not go unheard. My counsel will no longer be ignored. My presence will no longer be limited. 

More to come….

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