Prophetic Word: The Great Return Part 1

B. Dwayne Hardin bdwaynehardinthereturn 853x480 - Prophetic Word: The Great Return Part 1


B. Dwayne Hardin

B. Dwayne Hardin bdwaynehardinthereturn 1024x576 - Prophetic Word: The Great Return Part 1

Respect, honor, and worship will be returning into the house of The Lord (Yah). The hireling spirit will begin to dismantle this year and raping My church with My gifting on your life will be illegal and dangerous. Your health and emotional stability will not be able to withstand the consequences any longer.  

Yet, those who worship Me and lead My people into worship with a pure heart shall see supernatural sustenance and increase. By the way, says The Lord, I will deal with those who can honor you and don’t. But, don’t you rape My people! It doesn’t please Me. Go, sing, play, and perform for money. But, STAY OUT of My worship spaces demanding money for the gifts I’ve given you to exhort, edify, and comfort My people!  

Do you remember telling Me that you will go where I send you and do what I tell you?  Well then, why won’t you trust Me? Why do you question the dignity I institute? Why won’t you make a commitment to My order, thoughts, and ways?  

I need you to be committed; not roaming for accommodation. Find stability and operate therein. Don’t be like the harlot mourning about the community, but she herself is without covenant, covering and stability…it decreases your value.  

Do not misinterpret this for Me “taking you back,” or for being taken into bondage. Pure worship isn’t going back into emotional dominance. Honor isn’t “old school” and discipline, loyalty, commitment, holiness, sanctification, and purity are not of the “old-time way,” – they’re actually My way.

More to come….

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