Prophetic Word: The Great Return Part 2

B Dwayne Hardin: The Great Return Part 2


B. Dwayne Hardin

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I have been raising generations of prophets and prophetic voices who will not be tainted by the lust of fame and social media stardom; prophets who are not intimidated by Jezebel and Baal structures.  I am raising prophets who know when I am speaking and when I am not. I am raising prophets who will have prophetic integrity and not just accuracy. They will not be compromised by the demands of fame nor by the fads of the day.  

The church has cried for voices who have allowed fame and money to dictate how I speak to whom and when. Therefore, the world has been drawn to the lesser that operate as psychics, witches, mediums, and warlocks to encounter the supernatural.  Look at your TV programming. They are begging for the supernatural, but you offer them entertainment and subpar performance, using My name.  

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Your churches have gathered, financing men and women who speak for Me when I am not even talking.  Many have misrepresented My heart for you with their arrogance and revelations birthed in the flesh and not by My Spirit.  You have required “prophecy-on-demand” to tickle your ears and give personal gratification.  

These surface prophecies accomplish very little and, even worse, they take the personal demand for growth, development, participation, and relationship with Me out of the picture.   

The prophets that now come will not speak in pacification of your political demands. They will not simply fill your pulpits compromising authenticity for your “honorariums” knowing they have not honored Me. They will not satiate you with the artificial, compromising and fillings of preservatives.  

The prophets that I have sanctioned will move with order and covering over their heads. They will not team up with witches and manipulate through your social media outlets. However, those who do will reap a harvest of exposure, correction, and ME silencing their voices and influence until they repent.  

Come correct, hear My voice, be accountable! Speak what I say, how I say, when I say with My wisdom – and do it in love.  

Love? Yes, and I mean that! Don’t speak without love.  Every judgment I make, every chastisement, every blessing I release, and every rebuke I administer is all because of My love.  This is My demand for you…the more excellent way.

More to come….

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