Prophetic Word: The Great Return Part 3

B Dwayne Hardin Return Part 3


B. Dwayne Hardin

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Did you forget that you are My servants?  I am not yours!  You hear My voice to speak My words, not Me hearing your voice for Me to speak your words.  I open your eyes for you to see what I am revealing, not you opening Mine.  You want Me to back you up without you having My heart, knowing My thoughts, and operating in My ways? Return unto ME!

Learn My heartbeat and represent Me properly. Be humble, accountable, and respect who I send to groom, prune and develop you, even if they’re not as gifted, talented, or as popular as you are. Wisdom supersedes your gifts, talents, and certainly popularity.  Be careful not to embrace the lower realm of gifting as a servant as opposed to moving higher in wisdom and friendship. 

  • I gave Samuel, Eli
  • I gave Elisha, Elijah
  • I gave Ruth, Naomi
  • I gave Esther, Mordecai
  • I gave Joshua, Moses
  • I gave Moses, Jethro
  • I gave Mark, Paul
  • I gave Abraham, Melchizedek
  • I gave David, Saul
  • I gave Jesus, John the Baptist

Who have I given you that you have refused? This day, those who are uncovered will be exposed, and the elements will have access to you. Choose today how you will serve, covered or uncovered. 

More to come….

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